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Arcadia Kitchen and Bath is a family business started by husband and wife team Mike and Kim Connell. They’ve built their business with the same values that they built their family: teamwork, communication, loyalty, trust, and fun. By incorporating their values into the traditional design-develop-build remodeling process, Mike and Kim created a unique step-by-step process that’s incomparable to their competitors.

Since Mike entered into the construction and cabinet industry, he’s had a vision to lead a premier design-build company and cabinet showroom. Now over thirty years later, through his commitment to the values he formed throughout his career and his continuous delivery to his clients, Mike and Kim have started the premier design-build company and showroom in the Portland, Maine area.

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Our Values

At Arcadia Kitchen and Bath, we apply our values to everything we do. So, we think it’s important that you know what our values are and what they mean to us. Additionally, we believe that if you know our values you’ll have a better understanding of who we are as a business and how we work.


All of our craftsmen are employees not sub-contractors. This means that they all know how to work cohesively together and that the proper insurances are in place to protect your project and home. Furthermore, our office team works together to ensure every client and customer enjoys their experience with AKB.


We believe good customer service is the most important quality when running a business, which is why our goal is to make relationships with our clients to create an open environment that they feel comfortable in. Additionally, we offer the longest warranty in the Southern Maine area. Our 5-year warranty covers anything we’ve provided to your project—cabinets, hardware, countertops, tile—except for appliances. Call us today and our dedicated warranty specialist will deliver you responsive service.


One thing that’s certain about our employees is that we all love our job. We are always excited when we’re working with you (or getting new samples). Our designer loves creating kitchen and bathroom layouts that you’ll love. Additionally, we have a light-hearted and positive atmosphere at the showroom. We love when you walk through our doors and can’t wait to hear what kind of project you’re looking for.


Great project management ultimately boils down to great communication. Our project managers and lead carpenters are in constant communication with each other, you, and your designer to work out the details of your project. If you have any questions or want insight, they are always accessible to help.


A strong family is built on trust, so we want to be completely transparent with you. To achieve this, we provide you a Client Binder that houses important information about your project. We want you to trust that we have your best interests in mind and we want you to be satisfied with your finished project. Trust is important in any relationship, and when you trust your designer and contractor, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable during this process that can sometimes feel stressful and uncomfortable.

What We Offer

Design with Your Contractor

Arcadia Kitchen and Bath is a design showroom first. Therefore, we’ll work with you and your contractor to design the perfect kitchen or bathroom for you. In this case, we’ll schedule an in-home meeting for our designer to come out and take measurements and see the current conditions of your kitchen or bathroom. 

During this meeting, our designer will also discuss what you’re looking for in your new kitchen or bathroom. Including style, cabinet layout, and any other specifics you may want integrated into your project.

Then, our designer will create the layout of your project depending on your budget. Once the layout is complete, we’ll schedule a meeting at the showroom where we’ll present the layout and budget. Finally, once everything is agreed upon and all of the necessary forms are sign, we’ll hand the layout and details over to your contractor.

Design with Our Contractor

This process is the same as the “Just Design” process, except we’ll provide the build process if you don’t already have a contractor in place.

1900 Series: Transitional kitchen / Bellmont / kitchen cabinets

Our Team

The Selections Room

Our selections room is where our designer will meet with you to present the layout and design of your project. The selections room also houses our kitchen and bathroom cabinet door styles and cabinet finish samples and glass panel samples, as well as a white board for brainstorming, a screen to present your design, and our clients’ design boxes.

The Design Box

All of our clients, just design or design and build, get a design box. Your design box will have all of your sample selections, hardware, and anything else you think would be helpful to keep your project true to your vision. All the boxes are labeled with your name and they’re located in our selections room.


Products We Offer

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