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About Our Process

At Arcadia Kitchen and Bath, we’ve designed a process that guarantees a smooth and efficient development of your project. Our goal for every project is that you’re thrilled with your new kitchen or bathroom. To accomplish this, we’ve come up with a step-by-step process that focuses on organization, efficiency, and staying on budget. We encourage you to review the information below because it provides important information about how we do business.

Prior to Your First Design Meeting

Before you set up an appointment with our designer at the showroom, we recommend that you consider a few things that will help you and your designer envision your project.

  • First, we encourage you to make a “Must Have” list. An easy way to do this is to create a Pinterest page and/or board or a Houzz Ideabook to gather photos that show what you’re looking for. These photos can be examples of the style or of products you like and would want to incorporate into your design. Additionally, you can create a separate board or ideabook to show what you don’t like and would like your designer to avoid. Furthermore, adding notes to the photos to specify what aspect of the photo caught your eye will further help your designer understand your personal style. As a result, your designer will have photos to reference when designing your project, ensuring you get the kitchen or bathroom you pictured.
  • Second, we suggest you discuss with your family what your ideas are, and also ask what their ideas are and if they have any requests for your “Must Have” list.
  • Finally, it’s helpful to decide on a budget that you’re comfortable with before you meet with your designer so they can suggest products that are in your price range.

While this step isn’t required, it does help your initial showroom visit be more constructive. By having an idea of what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to invest, your designer will be able to more accurately show you the products that best suit your style and needs.

The Measure

The next step in our process is the in-house visit where our designer will come to your house to gather the specifications of the room you’re remodeling. This includes taking measurements and photos and collecting the information we need to create a scope of work and a pre-construction agreement. Our designer will also further discuss your vision for your space and share our ideas for your space. During this meeting, we will also look at the structure of your house in case you’d like to move or remove walls.

This will allow our designer to put together an initial 2D drawing of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and appliances that will be viewed at the showroom.

The First Design Meeting

During your initial showroom visit our designer will go over the following:

  • Confirm that you’ve reviewed our process and the way we do business
  • Your Pinterest board or Houzz Ideabook that show what you’re picturing for your kitchen or bathroom
  • What you expect from the project and us as a company
  • What isn’t working in your current space
  • What your desired time frame, start and finish date, and review any upcoming events to consider
  • The information we need to know about you, your family, your home, etc.
  • How much you are comfortable investing in your project

If we both feel that we are the right fit for your project we will then discuss the Project Pre-Construction Agreement that includes: 

  • Budgets
  • Product selections (cabinets, appliances, hardware, lighting, countertops, tile, etc.)
  • Schedule
  • Fixed price construction agreement

To start the PPCA process, we require a small non-refundable deposit of the opinion of cost. This will be applied in full to the project price at contract signing. After the PPCA is signed, we will schedule your next showroom meeting.

A PPCA is our version of a pre-construction agreement (PCSA) which is a formal contract between the client and general contractor that outlines the initial goals and responsibilities until a main building contract is executed. It offers clients the opportunity to note the advice of the contractor in terms of design development and construction planning before any big decisions are set in place. Additionally, it lets us recognize any potential issues in the early planning phases so we can avoid them. By resolving risk in advance, we'll save time and money during your build. Equally important, a big portion of the PCSA is the totaling of the construction cost and the verification that it will work with the project's budget. This is also when we will discuss the best way to finance your project.

The Second Design Meeting

We will begin this meeting by reviewing the budget, the 2D layout, and the preliminary schedule. Then we will review the contract which includes:

  • The finalized design
  • Product selections
  • Schedule
  • Final cost and payment

Once these have been reviewed, the contract will be signed and we will either send the finalized design, product selections, and schedule to your contractor or we will begin the build process.

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