The Galley: The Better Way to Use Your Kitchen

by Taylor Connell
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“Innovation is defined simply as a ‘new idea, device, or method.’ The Galley is all three. Inspired by a desire to find solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked, (or didn’t work), The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer whose vision was to create a central workstation hub where every task in his kitchen could be accomplished. He put the very first Galley in his own home. Today, the Galley has grown to be an entire line of super-functional, smart and stylish workstations where one can prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean-up, all in one convenient place.”
– R. Scott Anderson, CEO

First and foremost, The Galley is not a sink it’s a workstation, so forget everything you know about sinks and what they’re used for because this product isn’t a sink. But what’s the difference between a sink and a workstation? And what’s a workstation anyways?

A sink is an appliance that’s primary function is cleaning. It’s usually located in the back of the kitchen away from the wandering eyes of visitors, so they don’t see your dirty dishes that have yet to be put in the dishwasher. You probably use it to wash your fruit and vegetables, strain pasta, clean 

big pots and pans, but the rest of the activity that goes on in the kitchen is done on the counter around the sink.

A workstation, on the other hand is supposed to be worked in. It’s designed to be located in the center of the kitchen where people can gather around and help out with preparing the meal. Its primary function is preparing food not cleaning, in fact the least important purpose of the Galley Workstation is cleaning. Additionally, the Galley Workstation was designed for more than one person to be able to work in it at the same time.

1600 Series: Transitional kitchen / Bellmont / kitchen cabinets
where you put a sink
The Galley / gun metal gray tap
where you put a Galley Workstation

What is The Galley Workstation?

Before I talk about the benefits of a Galley Workstation, I think it would be helpful to briefly explain what The Galley is and how it works. The Galley Workstation comes in six different lengths: 7-foot, 6-foot, 5-foot, 4-foot, 2-foot, and the 18” BarStation. Now, you might be thinking who in their right mind would want a 7-foot sink in the kitchen? The answer to this is simple. First, The Galley Workstation isn’t a sink, it’s a workstation. Second, and most importantly, the bigger you go the more space you have because you’re not working around it, you’re working in it. The Workstation is designed with two tiers to allow culinary tools to slide above and below each other. This dual tier

design is what maximizes the space of where you work. Additionally, when you purchase a Galley Workstation you also get a 2-9 Tool Culinary Kit (depending on the size of the workstation). The 9 Tool Culinary Kit includes three dual tier cutting boards that can fit on either the upper tier or the lower tier, two dual tier drying racks, two dual tier platforms that hold a colander or a mixing bowl, two colanders with non-slip handles, and 2 bowls with a lid and non-slip bottom. Furthermore, the ideal set-up of a Galley Workstation has either one or two induction cooktops on either side so you can work in a linear fashion.
See the different sizes here.

The Galley Tap / optional culinary tools

Benefits and Problems Solved

Now that we have a basic understanding of what a Galley Workstation is and what its purpose is, I’ll move on to the benefits and the problems it solves.

Social Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer a separate room primarily used for cooking and cleaning, instead it has turned into an area used for socializing. Friends and family gather around the island eating cheese and crackers and catching up. But even though the kitchen has turned into an area of socialization, it’s still the only room where you can prepare, cook, and clean-up meals. So, while everyone is talking amongst each other, you’re still running back and forth between the cutting board, the stove, the oven, and the sink trying to find a clear space on the counter to prep the next thing.

But, with a Galley Workstation that issue is nonexistent because the Galley Workstation is supposed to be in the center of the kitchen in the island and facing outward. This allows you to look at your guests while also being able to prepare, cook, serve, and clean all in one space. Even more, with a workstation that’s big enough for 2-3 people, you can easily work alongside each other without getting in one another’s way.

Efficiency and Ease

With a Galley Workstation you can save time and space because the linear cooking design minimizes the amount of carrying you have to do as well as minimizes the opportunity to spill.

Additionally, the tools are ready when you are. The Culinary Tool Kit is designed to stay in the Workstation when they’re being used and when they’re not being used. This allows you to start preparing meals when you’re ready, so you don’t have to run around the kitchen to get a cutting board, a mixing bowl, or whatever else you need.

The size of the Workstation allows multiple cooks to work side-by-side so you can work together to get meals done faster.

It’s a hands-free operation because all the tools fit on the tiers so there’s no need to hold a bowl while mixing or have to carry the colander over to the pot or mixing bowl.

The 10” deep basin catches spills and any other mess for easy clean-up.

Enjoyment and Convenience

While cooking can be fun, it’s more fun and enjoyable when you are able to cook with others. By having 5-7 feet of workspace, it’s easy to cook alongside your family and friends.

Additionally, you’re able to engage with your family and friends while your preparing and cooking because it’s designed to be put in an island facing outward.

You can serve and entertain in the workstation, saving counterspace for people to use.

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